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Coffee Vending Machine Zanussi Brio

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Coffee Vending Machine Zanussi Brio
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  • 2011-04-12
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Brief Description
Necta Brio200. Coffee automats rebuilt. Price can be discussed. Automat can be sold not refurbished. Price will be different.
Product Attributes
  • Place of Origin:
  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
    NECTA Brio200 espresso
  • Made in:
  • Zanussi-Necta vending. Zanussi vending.:
  • Necta Brio. Zanussi Brio:
  • Used vending machines. Second hand:
  • Condition vending machines refurbished:
  • Type of coffee vending machines:
    Espreso coffee...
  • Full automatic coffee vending machine:
    Full aut...
  • Pay sysstems:
    Coin validator. Bill validator.
  • 4 canisters for instant products.:
    Milk. Chocol...
  • Eigth-8 selections/buttons.:
    Espresso coffee. C...
Detailed Description

For more information see: www.world-vending.com 

Zanussi. Zanussi Vending. Zanussi vending machines.

Necta-Zanussi Brio. Full automatic. Espresso coffee.

Prices: 1290 usd. Per unit.

Without kit to change money back. Be paid extra.

Automatic coffee machines. Vending machines operate with coffee grains.

Vending machines are used. Coffee machines second hand. Vending coffee machines second hand. Vending machines are repaired. Coffee vending machine is refurbished.

Coffee Vending Machine Zanussi Brio. 

Zanussi Brio coffee vending machine.

Zanussi-Necta Brio.  Full atomatic. Freestanding.

Necta Brio Coffee Vending Machine.

Necta Brio 200. Espresso coffee.

Zanussi Brio. 200. Freestanding. 

Zanussi Brio 200. Full automatic. Espresso coffee.

Necta-Zanussi Brio 200 coffee vending machine is capable of making over 200 drinks without re-stocking.

This machine is suitable for:

-Independent Operators.

-Busy offices with 50 to 100 staff.

-Bowling, Golf and RSL Clubs.

If you're looking for a large, free standing coffee vending machine that can keep up with busy staff or customers, than this is the machine for you. The large range of drinks in this coffee vending machine are prepared complete with cup, sugar and stirrer. The extensive menu allows users to select whether they use their own cup or use extra milk. The Freshly ground beans produce a perfect espresso,  and if you use our high quality milk powder, a perfect cappuccino or latte can easily be made.

Full training is provided and full phone support is available for regional areas. These coffee vending machine are easy to maintain and clean, needing cleaning twice per week or every 200 cups.

Extra features such as coin acceptors,  note readers or smartcard readers are available at extra cost. We can also offer innovative solutions with tokens or payments for some types of drinks. Please call us for more details.

-Internal bean grinder for the freshest coffee.

-Press a single button for each coffee.

-Coffee, soup and chocolate drinks.

-Cappuccino, espresso, latte , long black, macchiato, hot chocolate, soup.

-Drops cups ,sugar and stirrers from inside the machine.

-Uses milk powder to reduce cleaning and preparation time.

-Ability to take coins and give change.

-Can be fitted with a note acceptor. 

Automatic coffee machines. Cafe deal with vending coffee grains. Machines for hot drinks which alone make: Coffee espresso. Instant coffee. Milk with coffee. Coffee with cream. Cappuccino. Warm chocolate. Warm milk. Three in one (3 in 1). Tea. And others. Vending machines are used. Coffee machines second hand. Vending coffee machines second hand.